Christina Fox

for Grayson County Justice of the Peace Precinct 4


I am a Christian, combat veteran, and patriot. I attended the Air Force Academy, served as an Officer, was a federal government Investigator, and now am a business owner and local attorney. I desire to bring to our Justice of the Peace court a strong knowledge of the judicial process and proper application of the law. My credentials make me best suited to the task. Moreover, I will put back the “service” in public servant. I am thankful to the community for their continued support and prayers as I forge ahead to be your next conservative Justice of the Peace.


Do you consider the job of justice of the peace to be a full-time job?
Yes. I am a veteran and when I was in the military it was always expected that we were service members 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. That meant that while there were hours we were available in the office, our commitment to duty had no time limits. As justice of the peace, you are a public servant, and to me that means the same rules apply. So if there is a job that needs to get done outside of the normal duty hours or that requires a 40 hour work week etc. That's when I get it done.
The justice of the peace is one of the most visible members of county government and deals with issues that range from traffic tickets to inquests and evictions. Explain your experience working with people in such varied circumstances.
During my twelve years as licensed and practicing attorney, I have had the opportunity to represent countless clients in evictions, traffic tickets, and civil suits in the justice of the peace court. I am no stranger to the judicial process or the law. Additionally, as a former military officer and former government investigator, I have handled, supervised and briefed senior leadership and officials on many types of investigations. I believe my previous occupational experiences have adequately prepared me for such duties as a justice of the peace.
Part of the Justice of the Peace job is dealing with truants, explain any experience you have had with motivating young people.
My experience with motivating young people includes participating with youth in my church, speaking at various schools in the Metroplex, and speaking to candidates who are looking to attend service academies both at annual selection events hosted by US Representatives who are nominating high school students for an appointment to a service academy and informally. It is a joy for me to serve and mentor (encourage) children. I am firm believer in to whom much is given, much is required, and I know that I am blessed by God to be a blessing to others.
Continued growth in the county means there will be more work for local justices of the peace, how do you think county commissioners should address this issue?
During my time in the military and working for the government, it was common for people to say that you have to do more with less. Everyone has a finite amount of time, which means people must work smarter and streamline processes. County commissioners can assist with the increased duties by making sure that the duties are properly assigned to the proper departments or person(s), fostering a spirit of teamwork amongst all departments or persons who can assist with the given tasks, and examining carefully what is crucial/priority.